Healthy Tips

Know What Will Happen to Your Body if You Eat 2 Bananas a Day

When talking about healthy food you know that the taste will not always be a strong point. But in the case of bananas, this is not true as they are very tasty and also very beneficial to your health and it can protect you from many diseases.

Bananas are extremely popular food they are grown all over the world where they are the third most important crop in the world. Bananas can be eaten in plenty of forms as banana milk or pie or banana yogurt or if you are vegan eat a banana with ice cream.

1. Energy Booster

Bananas are rich in simple sugars and carbs which produce high energy in your body to endure heavy workouts. Their high potassium content protects you from muscle cramps and sprains it’s like energy boost vitamin supplement. Other minerals in bananas help substitute for electrolyte imbalance due to lost minerals in sweat.