Veggie Juice Recipes – Why You Should Consider Them

Veggie Juice Recipes

There are two ways to look at using veggie juice recipes. One is to sort through all these recipes for how they rate on a scale for their health giving properties. The other is to look through them as a chef would, for ones that are interesting and that will please the taste buds.

All of the recipes will call for you to use a juicer or a blender because most if not all of them will be utilizing raw veggies.

If you are sorting through veggie juice recipes for health reasons, there are a couple of other points to keep in mind. One is that you should use only organic produce, as commercially farmed veggies have harmful pharmaceutical residue on and in their skin.

The other is to make sure to thoroughly clean the veggies before using them. Most of these recipes will not tell you to consume your juice right away, but if you are juicing for health reasons then you need to drink your juice immediately in order to gain the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals.




Also, do not overlook recipes from the past. Many health retreats and spas around the world have used vegetable based recipes for years to help their customers regain health. European spas used fermented raw cabbage juice. Grandmothers used recipes passed down from their grandmothers as traditional health giving regimes.

Vegetable Veggie Juice Recipes

When Spring arrives, many people research veggie juice recipes for ones that are specifically designed for detoxing and cleansing. A favorite recipe for homemade V8 includes tomatoes, carrots, parsley, spinach and green peppers. Another could include cucumbers, celery, ginger and carrots to cleanse. Veggie juice recipes intended to detoxify the body would include cucumber, celery, parsley, fennel, and spinach.

There are literally thousands of recipes available. And everyone understands the recommendation that you should have more than one serving of vegetables a day, preferably five. For most of us who lead busy lives, it can be hard to achieve this goal. But using easy veggie juice recipes that require at least five different veggies makes it possible.




Chefs looking for interesting veggie juice recipes should not overlook old cookbooks. Raw juices and cold soups used to be much more prevalent than they are today, and many old cookbooks yield interesting recipes.

There is even a digital software program you can get that when you tell it what veggies you have in your kitchen it will produce veggie juice recipes for you! So if you are a gourmet, intriguing combinations await you!

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